Thank you for your interest in Greenlight Driving School. We are excited to assist you in your driving lessons and render other value added services to make your driving experience always a please. No doubt driving within the busy Lagos metropolis can really be scary, frustrating and daunting for most beginners and even experienced drivers alike.

At Greenlight Driving School students learn at their pace. They learn rules of the road, driving strategies that will stifle their fears and anxieties and most importantly safety.
Students receive extensive behind-the-wheel training. We are dedicated to providing efficient training that ensures safe drivers and we have flexible class schedules to meet all students’ needs, even for those with tight working schedule.


To be dedicated to the education of safety conscious and courteous drivers. To provide complete, informed, defensively trained drivers from 18 years of age and above through theoretical and applied instructions.


Greenlight Driving School will produce high calibre, safety conscious drivers. We are committed to radically improving the quality of informed, safety conscious drivers on today’s aggressive roadways.