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A Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) approved driving school was established in 2011. Greenlight Driving School, a Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) approved driving school, was established in 2011. Over the last 9 years our achievement has been reflected in the success of those we have trained many who are now professional drivers and many more who drive privately. since inception we have trained thousands of high caliber drivers till date.

  • Monday: 8am-6pm
  • Tuesday: 8am-6pm
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Frequently asked questions

It could take a minimum of two weeks with more constant practice after your training, however your driving will certainly get better with regular practice.

It’s not really advisable to learn with your car because it is not equipped to handle exigencies associated with the training of learner’s drivers.

The moment you have acquired basic driving skills all what you need afterward could be a few days refreshers course. Our post driving training course could help in this regard.

We have quality cars both Manual and automatic transmission gear with dual braking system.

We have a weekend training package that will fit your need.

With our standard training package sure, you will be able to drive on the major roads which include the expressway. Ultimately the goal of all learners driver is to be able to drive on the expressway. Your instructor will be in a better position to determine if you are ready to drive on the expressway. Nevertheless it must be a gradual process altogether which should never be rushed.

Myth & Facts

  • Myth: I was trained for just two days,then on third day I began driving every where, I even drove from Lagos to Ibadan and Benin.
  • Facts: Learning how to drive requires painstaking and consistent effort alongside quality instruction from patient and empathetic instructor. The FRSC recommends 26 sessions of training for all fresh trainees. Please note, there is no shortcut to learning how to drive properly.
  • Myth: My friend or brother or sister said he or she was trained by a mechanic for just three days and on the fourth day he or she was able to drive to other states.
  • Facts: Most people who learnt through trial and error will never tell you the truth about the damage they caused to the vehicle they learned with as well as the damage they caused to vehicles of other road users. They will only tell you the good sides of their experience and keep the ugly side to themselves. Sometimes they even make you feel that you not as smart as they are. Please note, everyone will eventually drive at different times or pace, what matters is getting an instructor who is patient and empathetic.
  • Myth: Don't go and waste your money by going to a driving school.
  • Facts: The fact that you didn't go to a driving school for driving lessons didn't mean that the driving knowledge you have acquired informally is free. The time it takes you and whoever's instruct you, the fuel, the wear and tear that will result as well as those other vehicles you will hit on the road of which you will have to beg the owner or even pay for the damages etc. Doesn't make your learning how to drive without registering with an accredited driving school free. Which is far more better. 'Even in Freetown nothing is ever free' You or someone will have to pay somehow.
  • Myth: Driving an automatic car is very easy. All you need to do is switch the gear to drive mode and begin to control the steering.
  • Facts: Many have oversimplistic view of driving an automatic vehicle. Admittedly learning to drive an automatic car may not be as challenging as that of a manual car. However an automatic car won't drive itself. The aspect of steering control is the most challenging part of learning how to drive that needs a particular technique that's only available in a few driving schools like us.
  • Myth: I,am very smart and intelligent person in fact I'm 2.1 or first class student, so I can learnhow to drive in less than a week.
  • Facts: Your academic background doesn't really matter when it comes to learning how to drive properly, nor does it matter whether you are smart or intelligent, neither does it matter if you are a fast or slow learner. You simply can't cut corners when it comes to learning properly. The recipe remains quality instructions,patience and empathy as well as consistency. All these defines our training at Greenlight driving school.
  • Myth: No one thought me how to drive I just started one day and I began driving everywhere.
  • Facts: No knowledge is innate, meaning we were not born with any skill which also includes driving skills. Therefore all quality skills, including the knowledge of driving are acquired either formally or informally. It requires your effort and that of others, regardless of whether you acknowledge it or not to learn how to drive.