How many weeks will it take to learn how to drive?

It could take a minimum of two weeks with more constant practice after your training, however your driving will certainly get better with
regular practice.

Can I learn with my car?

It’s not really advisable to learn with your car because it is not equipped to handle exigencies associated with the training of learner’s drivers.

I do not have a car yet won’t I forget if I did not drive for a while?

The moment you have acquired basic driving skills all what you need afterward could be a few days refreshers course. Our post driving training course could help in this regard.

What sort of cars will I be learning with?

We have quality cars both Manual and automatic transmission gear with dual braking system.

I have tight schedule; will weekend’s lessons be enough for me to drive?

We have weekend package that will fit your need.,’

Will I be able to drive on the expressway?

The ultimate goal of most if not all learners driver is to be able to drive on the expressway. Your instructor will be in a better position to determine if you are ready to drive on the expressway. Nevertheless it must be a gradual process altogether which should never be rushed.