What makes Greenlight Driving school different from your average Driving School?

Fear and anxiety being the number one factor inhibiting people from learning to drive, we are skillful in helping our clients maintain positive state of mind towards achieving the so much driving skills they desire.  We believe that once a person conquers his fears, he/she is ready to drive.  A second area that marks us out is in the attention we pay to safety of our clients during and after lessons.  Our safe environment assists clients to learn in the most effective way, rapidly and confidently.  This is connected also with our third advantage, the quality of our vehicles.  They are sound, comfortable and equipped with dual braking system.  We also have the option of manual and auto drive with air-conditioning.  Add the beauty of being trained by certified, experienced, patient and courteous instructors who have a passion for success. A fourth advantage accruable to our clients is the value added services we provide: proper guide to make processing of the relevant licences and vehicle documentation easy and stress free

Do you desire quality driving lessons? (Practical and theoretical)
Have you attended driving lessons in the past and yet cannot drive?
Are you still very fearful of driving on the aggressive Lagos Roadways?
Are you seeking to improve the quality of your driving?
Do you want to learn how to drive a manual or an automatic car?

Whatever your need is, we would help you become a better driver!


Greenlight Driving School was established in 2011.  It is one of the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) approved driving schools. Over the last 4 years our success has been tied up with the success of our clients which is not only rapid and practical, it is also lasting and sustainable. The business is still in the process of evolving business systems and establishing standards.